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HLCC Hetton Lyons Cricket Club is a team that has been playing for decade, that now is turning out to be a great team.In the season of 2009 hetton lyons moved up into the premier league, mostly because of our local players and one other player called Chamikara Malinga Surappulige for his full name but we just call him,Sura. Everyone agrees that he was one of the best bowlers at our club taking many wickets, and scoring quite alot of runs.But this season there is a new player for hetton lyons called Gary Scott who alot of you might know of him playing for durham.Gary was origionally from hetton lyons. There is another player that is starting for Durham this year witch i batted with when i was 5-6 years old Ryan Pringle is his name.

Our under 11's under 13's under 15's and under 18's are all run by Gary Adey who was another one of our 1st team bowlers, but unfortunatly is moving to bolden this year after spending all his cricket life at hetton lyons. Gary is also a coach for Durham ccc youth teams and is a really succesful coach.

Our groundsmen for hetton lyons is Trevor Walker who has just taken over as grounsmen about two seasons ago. This year the old shop has been nocked down and their building a new one for this new premier league season. that is the basic information you need to know about hetton lyons cricket club if you want to learn more visit .

signed:Adam Dawson. Junior under 13's and 15's player.

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